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Pediatric COVID-19 patients in South Brazil show abundant viral mRNA and strong specific anti-viral responses.

T Fazolo, K Lima, JC Fontoura, PO de Souza, G Hilario, R Zorzetto, L Rodrigues Júnior, VM Pscheidt, JCF Neto, AF Haubert, I Gambin, AC Oliveira, RS Mello, MB Balbe e Gutierres, RB Gassen, LD Coimbra, A Borin, RE Marques, ITS Sartor, GO Zavaglia, IR Fernandes, HI Nakaya, FH Varela, MP Bonatto, TJ Borges, SM Callegari-Jacques, MSC da Costa, JA Schwartz, MC Scotta, RT Stein, and C Bonorino.

Nature Communications 2021

SARS-CoV-2 infected children form early immune memory responses dominated by nucleocapsid-specific CD8+ T cells and antibodies.

K Lima, JC Fontoura, PO de Souza, T Fazolo, G Hilario, R Zorzetto, LC Rodrigues Junior, LD Coimbra, A Borin, K Bispo-dos-Santos, F Granja, RE Marques, GO Zavaglia, IR Fernandes, FH Varela, MP Bonatto, ML Tonini, GM Ikeda do Carmo, WA Ferreira de Almeida, TJ Borges, HI Nakaya, JL Proenca-Modena, SM Callegari-Jacques, MC Scotta, RT Stein, and C Bonorino.

Frontiers in Immunology 2022

Host expression system modulates recombinant Hsp70 activity through post‐translational modifications. 

MM Rigo, TJ Borges, BJ Lang, A Murshid, D Wolfgeher, SK Calderwood, AW Truman, C Bonorino.

The FEBS journal 2020

Comparison of 2D and 3D cell culture models for cell growth, gene expression and drug resistance.

JC Fontoura, C Viezzer, FG dos Santos, RA Ligabue, R Weinlich, RD Puga, D Antonow, P Severino, C Bonorino.

Materials Science and Engineering: C 2020

Vaccination with RSV M209-223 peptide promotes a protective immune response associated with reduced pulmonary inflammation.

T Fazolo, RB Gassen, DN de Freitas, TJ Borges, MM Rigo, RD da Silva, F Maito, A Cunha, DAGB Mendes, A Báfica, JE Vargas, APD de Souza, C Bonorino.

Antiviral Research 2018

March1-dependent modulation of donor MHC II on CD103+ dendritic cells mitigates alloimmunity.

TJ Borges, N Murakami, FD Machado, A Murshid, BJ Lang, RL Lopes, LM Bellan, M Uehara, KH Antunes, MJ Pérez-Saéz, G Birrane, P Vianna, JIB Gonçalves, RF Zanin, J Azzi, R Abdi, S Ishido, JS Shin, APD Souza, SK Calderwood, LV Riella, C Bonorino.

Nature Communications 2018

IL‐21 treatment recovers follicular helper T cells and neutralizing antibody production in respiratory syncytial virus infection.

RB Gassen, T Fazolo, DN Freitas, TJ Borges, K Lima, GL Antunes, F Maito, DAG Bueno Mendes, A Báfica, LC Rodrigues Jr, R Stein, APD de Souza, C Bonorino.

Immunology and Cell Biology 2021

GRPR antagonist protects from drug‐induced liver injury by impairing neutrophil chemotaxis and motility.

RS Czepielewski, N Jaeger, PE Marques, MM Antunes, MM Rigo, DM Alvarenga, RV Pereira, RD da Silva, TG Lopes, VD da Silva, BN Porto, GB Menezes, C Bonorino.

European Journal of Immunology 2017

Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR) mediates chemotaxis in neutrophils.

RS Czepielewski, BN Porto, LB Rizzo, C Bonorino.

PNAS 2011

PD-L1:CD80 Cis-Heterodimer Triggers the Co-stimulatory Receptor CD28 While Repressing the Inhibitory PD-1 and CTLA-4 Pathways

Y Zhao, CK Lee, C-H Lin, RB Gassen, X Xu, Z Huang, C Xiao, C Bonorino, L-F Lu, JD Bui, E Hui.

Immunity 2019

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